Monday, May 26, 2014

El Salvador Winter has hit...

Man, you all look and sound so good! Makes me real happy! Happy memorial day! Hope you all are having a great time and hope it's not raining! If so, I know how you feel.  The "winter" is just starting here and so it has rained everyday this past week.  Saturday night I walked home in a river haha it was insane.  I have learned that an umbrella does absolutely nothing in the rain that we face here, so I have just been using my rain pullover thing and it keeps me nice and dry! Minus my legs and feet but thats okay. 
No, they don't celebrate memorial day here. They really don't have many holidays, its kinda sad and boring! But I don't mind, it's not like I would get to experience it really;) The family looks so good!  All of the cousins look so old! Jants congrats on the 4.0 all of Jr High that's freaking sweet! I think I had that too, right mom? ;) Nick you would be a perfect Babe Ruth that's awesome you got to be him in the play! Also, your jersey looks so sick! Is that yours for this year? Brooks I'm pumped to hear that you are out riding the motorcycle all the time, we will go on a bunch of rides when I get back! Sorry to hear about the allergies dad and brooks.  I have been very lucky down here, mine haven't bothered me at all!
So this week was awesome, we had ourselves a baptism! W. S. was baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday.  She is 23 years old and, before, she always seemed like she was either nervous or scared about something when you talked to her.  She is just really shy, but the coolest thing was that after her confirmacion, she seemed so much happier and kind of like she was just at peace with herself! It was really cool to see, it is amazing the changes that come from this gospel! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
We are talking to this other lady that is the mom of a member.  She has gone to church a million times, but has never been baptized.  Missionaries have come and gone and tried to put a date with her, but she just has never actually done it.  BUT we have some new power working with her.  Her nephew is going to be baptized this next sunday and she is really happy about that because he has been involved with the gangs and all that, but now he has made some huge changes in his life.  So she asked us if it would be possible if she could be baptized with him on sunday and we said absolutely.  She still didn't say yes, but she is thinking about it and We are going to talk to her with the nephew this week.  So hopefully we will have a surprise baptism this next sunday! 
Well, all is going good here.  Still hot, but now we have lots of rain.   OH and yeah we got to go to the temple! It was so awesome, I love the temple.  I'll send some pictures! 
I love you all so much, miss ya like crazy! talk soon!

Elder Thorpe

This is zone Atiquizaya!  Love this zone!

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