Monday, May 19, 2014

Manantiales, Atiquizaya

SO, this is Ronald from Rio Zarco.  I really bonded with this guy! 
yeah this area is full of open fields like this! we walk A LOT.

Man, I honestly can't believe how fast this week went.  Idk why, but it feels like it was the fastest one yet! It might be because I had a little more urgency this week.  I had some inspiration from the phone call last week and we also had a good zone and district mtg on thursday.  I realized that there are little extra things that I can do with the small ¨spare time¨ that I have and it felt real good when I took advantage of those opportunities.  Man, everyone sounds so good, and looks good from the pictures! Jants you look so dang old man, I honestly can't get over it! And I feel like it's just gonna get worse over this next year, with you and nick and brooks too! Sounds like the boys are all the same studs that I know and love.  Jants, obviously you would still be striking everyone out and ending games in 5 innings.  Thats my boy! Nick, really not a big surprise that you are going yard over them city league fences.  Won't be long when you realize that the fence really isn't a limit at all, and you start shooting for the street! Brooks! Wow, buddy, sounds like you are tearing it up out on the field! I sure can't wait to see you play ball! Mom and dad, it sounds like you guys are staying busy with the everyday life that has always kept you guys so busy.  We talked to a less active yesterday who has been pretty low for awhile, with good reason.  Her husband got into drinking pretty bad and just got up and left her with their 2 little kids.  Whenever we go over she just seems so sad.  We tried to cheer her up yesterday and joke around with her a bit, and I was able to talk about how crazy my family gets but thanks to the effort of my parents to keep us strong in the gospel, we have always had the eternal happiness in our home. So thank you guys! Oh also, dad I think I said this when I talked to you guys, but I have really gotten into cleaning things, not really sure why! and I have thought a lot of how much I complained whenever you made us clean the garage.  But you have my word that I will be more than happy to clean and organize that baby when I get home!
Well, this week was good, but at the same time a little rough.  Our baptism that we were supposed to have this week did not happen... She called us early one morning and said I'm sorry guys, but I am not good with money right now and have a lot of bills to pay, so I have to work sundays and I can't be baptized this sunday.  That was so hard for us... She knows everything is true and she wants to be baptized, but she said that if she doesn't work a day, then that means she doesn't eat.  Her situation is really hard right now.  But she will be baptized, hopefully next month!
However, we still have a girl that is getting baptized this coming saturday! She is a little shy and nervous, but is ready to be baptized this week! I'm excited for her!
Well I gotta go, but I'll send you all some pictures next week of the baptism and maybe a few of the temple cuz we get to go tomorrow.  I am beyond excited! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Thorpe

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