Monday, June 2, 2014


Well, at least for you guys it is.  I am so jealous of all of you! Hope the last week of school was awesome for yall! Sounds like you are all busy with the usual fun summer activities.  I am so glad to hear that Jantsen tore it up at the 7 on 7! Sounds like the team is looking really good I'm excited to hear how that all goes! Hey mom before I forget, I got the pants! I really like em! Haha they are pretty sharp, I wore them to our Zone mtg and a couple of the other elders asked me if I was going to prom.  I was like yeah, very funny, but I love them! I was also stoked to find some surprise letters en the pockets! Thanks Dad and Jants! You guys are the best those letters really helped me a lot!  Same with your's mom, like always! Love you all!  

So yeah, it's just a rainin' here in El Salvador.  Put I've got my good ol poncho thing and it keeps me nice and dry! We were walking with some other elders the other day and it started to rain real hard and everyone freaked cuz they had no umbrella or anything.  But Elder Thorpe, being the boy scout that he is, was prepared and whipped out his poncho and just kept walking through that rain storm.  Haha I felt so cool! They told me I looked like dumbledore, but I didn't care, I was dry! So that's the real big news this week is the rain.  My advice on the boots is, yeah they are nice to have.  It depends on your area, but in a place where I am, you gotta have em! Mom, so we teach about 10-15 people in a day, depending on how our lessons go.  If we have good short powerful lessons, we can fit in quite a few.  We leave at 1030 in the manana and come home at 9 at night.  I get real tired some days! 
Hey, so get this! We talked to M. C. again this past week, the lady that was going to be baptized but then didn't.  She told us that her work is much better now and that she has really seen the hand of god in her life and is reading in the book of mormon and the folletos that we gave her! I was so happy! She didn't agree to be baptized yet, but she says she just wants a little more time to learn more.  So Hopefully that will keep going good for her! So Grateful for this gospel that we have and it really is the only thing that can truly help with our problems in this life! I can't explain how awesome it is to see someone change because they have truly found the light of this gospel.  CHURCH IS TRUE! 
Well, I gotta head.  SO glad to hear that everyone is doing so great! I miss ya all like crazy! Jants have an awesome time at EFY this week, you will love it! Can't wait to hear how it all goes! Nick! Haha I have to see that video of the Homerun!!!! That is the coolest thing I have ever heard! Proud of you dude! Brooks! Are you still playing ball? Strike any more kids out?  Love ya buddy!
I love you all and will talk to ya next week! Dad be safe down at Powell this week!

Elder P.R. Thorpe

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