Monday, June 9, 2014

The Hand of the Lord...

Sounds like everyone is doing fantastic! Also like it was a pretty busy first week of summer.  That's awesome! Sounds like Jantsen had a blast at EFY haha reminds me a ton of my awesome experiences there! I thought about efy quite a bit this past week while you were there, Jants and man, I am so glad that you went! It is such an awesome opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.  And also there are always cute girls! Speaking of girls… Nick, it sounds like they are starting to catch your eye! Haha never thought I would hear the day when you pass up food because you are late.  Atta boy! Brooks, I bet you are loving all of your games and just being the little stud that you are! Dad how was the weather down in Powell? Frampton's sent me an email and it sounds like it was really good.  Bet it was a little different without all the fam there!  
Anyways, this week was pretty alright.  I learned some good stuff about myself and my teaching.  We found some new people that are really positive! One guys name is R. L. and this guy is like Santa Clause on vacation haha! He is big and has a short little white beard, and is always wearing a short sleeve buttonup shirt, not buttoned up.  He is a really cool guy and wants to learn a lot more about the church and really just religion in general.   He has this huge TV in his house and is ALWAYS watching ESPN when we come over, and it kills me to have to ask him to turn it off.  It's the first time I have seen ESPN en a long time! But he is a great guy and will progress a lot! 
Another one we found, her name is L.  She is super cool and has talked to the missionaries before, but was just real busy with work and school and stuff so she couldn't really progress much.  But she welcomed us right into her house and we gave a quick rundown of the Restoration and she loved it.  She didn't go to church yesterday, but she will be en church next week! That is kind of how I have seen the hand of the Lord this week.  I have realized that there is a time when someone will be ready for the Gospel, and everyone that we talk to, we really are planting a little seed that will grow and they will be ready later on! It is so amazing how this beautiful Plan works.  HE knows each and every one of us perfectly!!! 
Another cool thing is that there is a kid that is leaving on his mission today.  He flies out to SLC, Utah today to be in the Provo MTC por 6 weeks and then will go to Nampa, Idaho! He is really nervous, but I got the chance to get up at his "farewell" and give him some words of advice.  I can't believe it has been almost a year since that was me, and I cannot believe all of the things that I have learned!! I love this Gospel with all of my heart and am so grateful for the ways it has blessed my life!
Also, Elder Nielson is headed home this week. Crazy right? I'll send you his address to his homecoming so you guys can go talk to him maybe! 
I love you all so much and so grateful to have such an amazing family!!
Talk next week!

Elder Thorpe

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