Monday, June 30, 2014

Change of the Guard...

Man it sounds like you all had a busy week, and a busy day yesterday! I'm happy to hear that you made it to Nielson's homecoming! And you got to meet Elder Larson too.  Haha it is so weird to see them without a name tag, and standing next to my family! Those 2 guys really made a huge impact on me.  If it weren't for Elder Nielson, I don't know if I would still be here! And same with elder Larson, he came and did interchanges with me at a time when I really needed some advice and he helped me so much.  I'm glad you guys got to meet them! 

It sounds like you all are way busy with the crazy fun summer life.  Especially Jantsen! I hope you have a awesome time at football camp.  I only went to SUU once but I liked it! I'm proud to hear that you took your scriptures too! NIck is still crushing the ball.  That's what I like to hear! Brooks are you still playing? Hope so!
Well this week was pretty good for us! We had some good lessons and some interesting lessons as well, but one cool thing that happened is that we put a baptismal date with D! She is the old lady that talked to you guys a bit on mother's day if you remember.  This lady has been going to church for years and has received the missionaries FOREVER.  She always came close to getting baptized but never did it.  But now she says that God is telling her to be baptized and she said she wants to do it this next month.  So we are planning on the 13th! I'm really excited for that.
M is kinda weird now... she wants to get baptized with her husband, but we can never find her husband.  So we have, kind of, not visited her as much and started looking for more new people.  
L is still very positive and said that he is going to pray about baptism.  He said that its either the 6th of july or the 13th.  So well see how it  goes!
We also had to say goodbye to president Cordon and hermana Cordon this week.  It was a cool little mtg we had with them.  They showed us this video of a bunch of pictures of them and it was to the song,  Your still the One, by shania twain.  I was laughing because I was like, hey my mom and dad love that song! But it was really cool.  They left on Friday and now President spjut is here! We have a multizone tomorrow to meet him.  We are all excited for that! It sounds like he is a cool guy tho.
That's about all that has happened this week.  That and I got a cold on saturday so thats always fun, right? But its whatever! Thats awesome that Steve got called as a YSA Bishop!! He will do amazing! I hope you all are excited for Powell, if not, I am! OH! Also, I received a package from you guys that says I can't open until July 7? Whats up with that?? But yes, I am waiting don't worry.
Well, I love you all soo much and miss ya tons! And yes mom, now I love mangos! But I didn't before the mission. They're nice and fresh here! 

Have a fantastic week! Happy 4th of JUly!!

Elder Thorpe

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