Monday, June 23, 2014

How amazing is this Gospel?


Man, what a week.  It was a good one tho! I'm glad to hear your talk went well in church mom! Who else spoke? all the missionary moms? Things with Elder C y yo are way good haha we get along so well and have a lot of fun, but at the same time we are working hard!  I have been blessed with all really good companions.  All have wanted to work and we have never really had any big problems with that! That's crazy that it snowed last week!? Haha sounds like the Utah weather hasn't changed a bit! But I'm glad that its hot again so you can all have a good summer experience.  SO glad I wasn't with the scout group that went up to Schofield, loved that camp... Ah man World Cup soccer is HUGE.  That is all that people are talking about down here and naturally I have kind of gotten into it.  We can't watch the games of course, but just from hearing all of the news and stuff, its pretty exciting! The U.S had an exciting game yesterday it sounds like.  I was doing a baptism interview as the game was on in the other room and it was drivng me nuts.  How is the College World Series going?? I love college baseball! What's with everyone getting called to the other El Salvador missions? Braedon emailed me and asked if it was my mission.  He is so lucky he got Belize! 
SO this week is when Presidente Cordon leaves.  It is so crazy that we are getting a new President.  Presidente Spjut will be here on the 26th.  We are all excited and nervous to see what happens! 
We had a good week this week.  We worked really good with the members! We had 8 references received and then contacted 9.  We found a lot of new people that are pretty positive too! So we're excited for that.  We were able to talk to M C this week a few times and she finally went to church yesterday! We invited her to be baptized last night and she said she would prepare for the 6th of July so we`ll see how that goes! We also finally found and taught L S.  He is the brother of the kid that just left to the Provo MTC and man it has been cool to see the changes in him.  All because his little brother left on a mission.  He has gone to church 2 weeks in a row and has really liked it.  Before, he really wanted nothing to do with the church.  But we talked to him yesterday and he had a lot of questions and told us that we can come over whatever night to teach him.  He said that he would be baptized, but he wants to learn everything first.  So I sure hope all of that goes well! He told us yesterday that his brother was  kind of struggling and overwhelmed with the language learning and all that.  I was really happy and proud to be able to tell him that I went through the exact same thing and that it really does get better! It made me look back on all of those hard challenging times at the first of this crazy mission thing, and I am amazed at where I am now.  Haha how amazing is this Gospel? Church is true!!
Well I hope all keeps going well with you all, and that it all works out to go to Elder Nielsons homecoming this sunday! Look him up on Facebook if you have questions, Jaimeson Jesse Nielson I think it would be.  Take a picture with him and send it to me! 
Hey I heard Art City Days were last week? How was that?? Also I was wondering if you guys could look up this keyboard thing thats called the ALPHASMART3000.  Its a keyboard that you can type stuff on and then it goes on a USB memory, then you can just download it on the computer.  It would save so much time for writing on mondays and I think they are only $10.  Just let me know if you find one! 

well I love you all so much and miss ya all like crazy! Have a fantastic week! 

Elder Thorpe

Hey mom the craziest thing happened! The driver of the taxi? yeah he found us and he said he has the package! SO he says he will bring it by here sometime soon! So yeah, no worries!

MANGO season!  I eat so many of these now.  Love them.
So this is pretty much what I look like every day!

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