Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Father in Heaven has a plan that is PERFECT...

Dang everyone looks old! Jants, haha that blue suit is DOPE! You looked great man, glad you had a blast at Prom.  Nick! You got your braces off! You look so old and tall! Your suit is sweet too! Glad we had a good week of ball games.  Bummer that it rained a bunch.  Supposedly it has stopped raining here and won't rain until 21st of May.  Lets hope that's true! Mom and Dad, you guys look good.  SO, dad's got glasses now?? Since when?? Looks good! Love you all so much!!

We had a real busy week! A lot has happened with our investigators. Some good stuff, and some disappointing.  
The O____ family has kind of lost their interest. The dad just can't drop the alcohol and the mom has never come to church, she always has some excuse not to go. The daughters and cousins went last week and said that they liked it, but they told us that they don't really have any desire to be baptized. So, we are going to still visit them but just not as much.  We just don't think that their time is right now. But hopefully soon they can have a stronger desire to go and learn and be baptized.
Good news!! We are teaching a daughter of a recent convert, M______, and her husband, N_____. They have come to church a few times before but N_____ started to drink and had a lot of problems so we didn't see him for awhile. But 2 and a half weeks ago he stopped drinking and really has had a huge change of heart.  He said he had some weird dream that told him he had to stop drinking or else he would die. Now he can't wait to be baptized! Haha it's pretty cool. He and M______ will be married and baptized this coming saturday! We are super excited!! I'll take pics and send them next week.
A___ and J___ are doing okay.  They have both found work and it has really started to help them out a lot.   They are such a nice family and for right now have desires to go to church, but just can't quite get there on sunday. They are really thinking about getting married and baptized, but still aren't sure.  But they will do it soon!
This week we ended up doing a lot of service. We didn't really ask for it but the opportunities just came. Which is good!  We helped haul a bunch of wood for the O___ family, then we got to help build a little garden thing for some members on Saturday.  That was pretty cool! We have started to focus on service to find new people to teach so lets hope those will come! We went and visited a less active family on Saturday because we had an appointment fall and we were there close. It turned out to be a great visit.  The dad just had surgery and has been having some hard feelings against some of the members of the church because they haven't come to visit him. He began to tell us everything and just kind of vented to us haha.  We explained to him that the members in the church aren't perfect people and make mistakes but that those members really do care. At the end, he was a totally different person and kept thanking us for visiting him.   You never know who might be struggling or how people feel, so its always good to talk to them a bit! It can change a lot.  I also have learned even more this week that really, our Father in Heaven has a plan that is PERFECT and sometimes we feel like things should go a different way, but the Lord knows how things should be and we must trust in him, even if we are scared to do it.
Well, this week is gonna be a great one for us and I can't wait!  I can't believe how fast the time is going.  Its almost May and in 2 weeks I will be talking to you guys! 
Can't wait!

Have a great week familia! Love you all! 

Elder Thorpe

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