Monday, May 4, 2015

Changes and blessings the Gospel can bring!

You all looked great at the temple!! The Payson temple looks super cool, I bet its incredible! Can't wait to go to it! Hahah made me laugh when I read that about Brooks saying the temple water was "Holy Water" haha he's got a good point! Mom, my haircut turned out good! Here in Atiqui I've got some hookups. The guy that cuts my hairs name is Kevin.  he is super cool and loves to joke around with us! Just won't come to church haha. He's not a member.  However, it is hard to beat a haircut from you Mom! Glad to hear we had a great week of baseball too! Dang, haha we did work against Timpview! That's what  I like to hear.  We passed a group of kids playing some baseball and I had to stop and ask if  I could play haha so I did! It was so fun to play again.  They were playing with this old wood bat and a real beat up softball, and no gloves.  A bit dangerous haha but it was a lot of fun. Glad that everyone is doing okay!

Such a crazy loaded week for us! We had so much to do and shockingly were able to get it all done.  M_____ and N____ got married and baptized on Saturday! There were actually 4 baptisms, them two, a 17yr old girl for the sisters, and M_____'s dad. His name is J____. Monday night we went to visit them and J___ told us that he wanted to be baptized with his daughter and son-in-law. His wife was baptized a few months ago, but he didn't want to. We're not really sure what happened, but he changed a lot and was baptized with them! It was a great day. Super busy and exhausting, but great.  The whole wedding thing kept us way busy all week long, so other than that, not much happened.  But it was really fun to see how that family has changed.  This whole past week, every time we walked into their house, they were always smiling and laughing about something.  Which is very different to how it was a few weeks ago.  It never ceases to amaze me the kind of changes and blessings the Gospel can bring, especially to a family. I have thought so much of that this week because there was a crazy thing that happened. A member from Manantiales, where I was at last year, was killed this past Tuesday. He was 21 yrs old and I visited his family often when I was there. He was involved in some bad stuff and it didn't turn out to good for him. We went over to see the family the next day and they have been struggling. I was able to see the two different sides of making good choices and making bad ones and how different our lives can turn out. God has given us the plan to follow, so all we need to do is follow it.  
Some happier news is that A___ and J___ O____ went to the wedding and baptism and really liked it! They also went to church yesterday! They are really interested in everything and are so close to saying yes to getting married and being baptized! We're aiming for the beginning of June so pray for them! 
We are also teaching a 20 yr old kid named A___. I can't remember if I have told you about him, but he is a good friend of a couple members and he has really gotten involved in the activities and stuff with the young single adults. He is a really smart kid and his parents go to a evangelical church, so he knows a lot about the bible and things like that. But he is going to the institute classes at 5am everyday and is reading the BOM so were thinking here in a little while he will be getting baptized.  
Another cool thing that happened is that an Elder that is serving in Rio Zarco now told me that my convert, J___ F___? Remember her? She is now preparing and getting close to going through the temple! Man it made me feel so good to hear that she is still going strong and is taking that next step in her spiritual progression. I'm super proud of her!

So we are all good to talk on Sunday!! Is 6pm okay? Thats what we are planning on here.  So pumped to see ya all!!
Have an incredible week! See ya Sunday!

Elder Thorpe

Members that really take care of the missionaries.

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