Monday, May 18, 2015

Missionary service...

Great to hear from ya all again! Yes, I am still here in El Angel with Calderon.  Haha! No, I said that he will kill me because I am going to go home this change, which means, I am going to die.  So Elder Calderon who is my companion, will be the one who kills me.  Haha! But, yes he works hard, too.  So sounds like we are making a trip to St. George?! Haha yeah I'm okay with that! It will be a bit tough to get the homecoming talk ready, but I can find time on the plane ride home maybe? What will I be speaking on? Just whatever? But yeah, I would love to spend 2 days watching high school baseball! 
Mom, that's awesome that you had a trip to the temple again, sounds like it was great.  I have been wanting to talk to you about all that, but we can when  I get home. Dad, haha no worries dude I love all the advice you give me so please keep it coming! 

This week started off great on Tuesday. We did some service with the other elders from another ward and with the sisters in our ward. It was pretty fun, we had to move a ton of wood and stack it so that they could sell it, then we swept up all of the leaves on their land and burned them all. Then we got the chance to kill three chickens to eat for lunch and I was lucky enough to be one of those who killed one.  It was cool to see and learn how to prepare a chicken and pluck the feathers and all that.  While we were waiting for lunch to be ready, Elder Calderon and I hit some batting practice with a stick and fallen mangos haha! That was a blast. Later on that same day, I learned how to milk a cow! I have always wanted to do it and I finally got the chance! I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take any pictures, but the members took some I think so I'll have to get them. 
The rest of the week went pretty fast.  The whole week has been the Week of the Family so they have been doing a little devotional type thing in the church every day.  We also sang in the choir yesterday at our Ward Conference. That was... fun.  I'm not a big fan of singing in choirs, haha but it went well.
A___ is doing good and is so close to saying yes to baptism. He goes to all the activities and loves it. I think he is just a little scared to do it because his parents are strong members of another church. But he is getting there. We were able to find a few new and positive people this past week.  We went to go visit an inactive member and we found that he lives with his entire family all together on the same land.  He says that there are like 60 people who all live right there on the same street and everytime we have gone to visit him we have found someone new to talk to.  They are really nice people and for right now, they seem very interested so we will see what happens there.
The rain has come.  It rained real hard a few times, but luckily we were inside when it came so we didn't get wet. The rain makes things kind of hard for missionaries because you get soaked, or you're in a lesson under a tin roof and can't hear a word that anyone says because it's raining hard.  

Well, Hey guys I gotta go, but I hope you all have a great week this week! Know that I love you all tons! 

Elder Thorpe

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