Monday, June 8, 2015

2 MAS!

Hey fam. I don't really know what you mean when you say that the weeks are dragging because I feel like they are going super fast! I'm still trying to believe that I only have two full weeks left of being a missionary.  Kinda sad! Nick I'm proud of ya for bearing your testimony yesterday! I bet it was awesome.  I got to bear mine too, the last time in this country probably. It was good, it just feels good to be able to testify of things you know to be true.  I can't even explain how grateful I am for the Atonement.  The greatest thing in the world!! But Nick, it's a bummer that you sprained your hand, dude.  Just tape it up really good and keep playing. ;) Hope it gets better soon!

So for us down here, it's been another quick, but rainy week. It has rained everyday since last wednesday so the rainy season/winter has hit.  Rain really isn't a good friend to a missionary who has to be out walking all day to get to the appointments. But it is what it is.  I am just really praying that my shoes hold up for me haha. 
Well, this week was kind of a tough one for us. We worked hard, but things just haven't quite worked out the way we would have liked. We were able to visit with A__ and talk more about his situation and what is going on. So his grandma is very sick and so he and his family are having to take turns taking care of her.  He just happens to be taking care of her for these next 2 months. He will be on the boarder of Guatemala all week except for wednesday and thursday and he will come back to Atiquizaya. We tried to get him to change the days, but he says he can't and has already tried.  So, A___ won't be baptized for another 2 months. It's pretty disappointing for me because I was so excited for his baptism and after all of the hard work we put in to teaching him. But the good thing is that he still wants to be baptized and will in a few months. 
With L____ it has also been a struggle. We have found out this week that due to some problems in the past, L___ is actually in legal custody of her grandma.  So that has changed a lot of things. Now we have to have the permission of the grandma for L____ to be baptized. We are planning with the bishop to go and talk with her to see if we can get her to give the permission.  So its kind of a tough situation there as well, she probably won't be baptized this week. But we are still working at it!

Well the time is going so fast! I'll be seeing you all super soon. Also, that Yellowstone trip sounds like a blast I'm pumped! Have a great week all of you! Love ya tons!

Elder Thorpe  

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