Monday, June 1, 2015

3 more emails...

Mama! Estoy bien!
Look at you and your spanish.   So school is out? That sounds fun! No school and lots of baseball is the greatest time of year. Crazy to hear that there are so many people coming home in the next few weeks.  Lots of homecomings!  Well, let me tell ya about this week...

Had some changes this week.  On Thursday I got a call from President Spjut telling me that E C___ will be changing areas and that I will be getting a new companion.  I guess there was an Elder who was going home so they needed to make some emergency changes in a few areas. One of the areas just happened to be us.  But I guess its okay.  I was a bit bummed to say goodbye to C___, but my new comp is a real good kid from New Mexico named Elder A____.  #gringo! He just got done being the secretary of the baptism records. (Another reason for the changes) So we have been tearing it up and working hard together for the past few days. 
Another downer of this week is that A____ was not baptized.  His family has some economical problems so he has been staying and working with some family members over by the boarder of Guatemala to earn a little extra money.  He is still wanting to be baptized and everything, but we are going to wait for the 13th so everything is planned out good.  
L___is doing good and is really wanting to be baptized. She is a very smart girl. As we were preparing her for her baptism interview and all that, she already knew the things we were teaching her just from going to church with her mom. It has been a little difficult for her with the decision to be baptized because the grandma doesn't want her to do it at all.   But L____ really wants to be baptized and knows that its what she should do. However, we talked with the bishopric and decided that it would be better to wait for her to be baptized until her grandma is more okay with it. We are going to work hard with her this week to help her understand that L___ is ready to be baptized.  Please send up some prayers for L___ so she can be baptized! 
Also this past week I have had a few days where I have thought a lot of how important it is to study the scriptures, especially the BOM. I love this book! I think I love it more in spanish, too! Haha.  But being able to study it and teach it to other people this past week has given me another confirmation that it is true. I love testifying to people about it because I have felt it's truth while reading it. It's hard to explain that joy you get when helping someone understand something of the gospel that you personally know to be true. But it is amazing. I hope that you all are keeping up with your daily scripture study! If not, well, repentance is real. :)

Well, I wrote a ton this week for ya mom so, you're welcome. :) I love you all so much! Have a great week and I will talk soon! 

Elder Thorpe

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